The evolution of coach education courses is critical to both the development of the sport and the coaching workforce. I have been instrumental in the introduction of new community coaching initiative with the Rugby Football Union, the new UK Coaching Children 5-12 workshop and I am currently working with the UCI to develop a Masters in Research degree program.

Careful attention to how programmes, courses and curricula are designed can make a real difference to the student learning experience. Good programme and course design are not one-off events, these are iterative processes. You will need to try out an initial design in your particular context with diverse groups of students then adapt it based on your students’ learning and their feedback. Good programme design means always thinking about the student experience and what you want students to be able to do by the end of course.

A core principle is to integrate research-based education into all taught coach programmes. Well-designed programmes combine learning and assessment in a logical, coherent structure. They allow students to build their skills and knowledge gradually as they progress through the programme and provide athletes with frequent opportunities for feedback.

Core values in Course Programmes:

  • enable athletes to learn through research and enquiry

  • encourage athletes to critique and challenge concepts

  • enable athletes to learn individually and in groups

  • give athletes the chance to engage in work-based learning

  • include collaborative learning within their programme and beyond

  • exploit the power of assessment to shape learning.

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